We Are O&H Vehicle Technology

We are the UK’s longest serving, largest, most innovative and creative ambulance and PTS manufacturers. In conjunction with our British built vehicles, we are efficient distributors of world-class operational equipment for front line ambulance responders.

Our obsession rests with high quality, efficient manufacturing, which, in today’s challenging economic climate, contributes significantly towards economic recovery.

Our Capability

Set within our six-acre site, our 64,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility boasts some of the industry’s most efficient production lines, ensuring an exceptional build quality remains consistent over large quantities. Similarly, our one-off vehicle production hall can concentrate on bespoke projects.

Our 32-years of evolution has been significantly underpinned by the approach and obsession for quality by our parent company, Venari Group, in-turn driving the largest build capacity in the British ambulance production sector.

Customer Journey

We firmly believe that thorough and robust planning of any vehicle project ensures maximal efficiency throughout the build programme.

Our production team always strive to execute the build process with absolute precision, thus ensuring absolute customer satisfaction and assurance.


We genuinely feel like the first 10% of time between order and delivery is the most critical to ensure all build specification, requirements and functionality are captured as acutely as possible thus ensuring the remaining 90% of time runs as streamline as possible and to all pre-defined timescales.


Our engineering team ensure the latest technological advancements are applied as standard, whilst ensuring all pre-requisites are met.


Our production processes ensure maximal efficiency throughout all processes, reducing both lead time and subsequent labour cost. Our two 110 metre-long production lines contain staged quality checks to ensure each stage of build is quality checked, keeping potential snags and rework to a minimum.

Our trade skill sets throughout the production process include engineering, auto electrics, fabrication and coachbuilding, before reaching the livery section and then onto a meticulous pre-delivery inspection process in a dedicated quality hall.

Quality Checks

A stringent post delivery inspection (PDI) is applied to each and every O&H vehicle to ensure compatibility to pre-defined specifications in conjunction with ensuring the vehicle has been built to maximal quality levels, prior to delivery.


Each and every O&H vehicle is stringently built to all relevant standards, specific to the vehicle being built. Our homologation department ensure all relevant certificates of conformity are presented with each vehicle both electronically and in hard copy format.


Building of the vehicle is only the start of our relationship with our customers. Once built, we dedicate a service team with extensive product knowledge to ensure any accidents or faults can be remedied as efficiently as possible.

We are proud to manufacture in the United Kingdom, which has an incredible legacy in engineering and manufacturing. We see this not as a strapline, but as a guarantee that in markets often funded by the tax payer, the labour and engineering which is passionately exerted into the O&H vehicle is by that of UK tax payers, in-turn driving local employment most often against international options in the same field of expertise.

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