Our Story

Our Story

A New Era

O&H Vehicle Technology is the UK’s longest-serving ambulance manufacturer, proudly supplying our incredible NHS.

Throughout the recent pandemic, O&H parent company – Venari – consolidated production into group HQ and drove an unprecedented level of efficiency and quality into the O&H Vehicle Technology portfolio of vehicles. Our passionate and high quality production is once again recognised as the industry’s ‘gold standard’.

O&H can once again boast industry-leading quality, efficiency and finesse, meaning our NHS vehicles no longer require to be imported from overseas. This means we are once again recognised as a UK-leader achieving positive growth through British production.


Team O&H

O&H Vehicle Technology comprises over 100 employees, working seamlessly toward production, product development, compliance, quality and efficiency.

Contained at part of the wider Venari Group strategy, a reignition of apprenticeship schemes will blend the next generation of skilled workers with the existing experienced hands within the organisation.

Our History

With 30 years of pedigree, O&H has proudly served the UK’s emergency and specialist vehicle market.


O&H Facilities was started at Goole docks. With seven staff, the business brought Renault vans off the ships before completing the pre-ambulance electrical work, rear suspension and fitting of ramps to vehicles before they were dispatched to second converters for the coachworks.


O&H went from pre-ambulance work to full design and construction of Patient Transport Service ambulances.


The company relocated to the current site on Larsen Road, Goole.


The site on Larson Road increased in size as two production lines were built onto the back of the existing building.


O&H moved into the A&E ambulance conversions sector.


O&H moved into the welfare vehicle market sector.


In 2019 O&H launched the ‘O&H 2.0’ strategy, which bids the company to be the most consistently performing, most innovative and most sustainable specialist vehicle builder in the United Kingdom.

Precision Engineering

Our engineers are of the highest standard in the industry. Throughout the spine of the company are tradespeople with over 30 years of service at O&H.

Constant staff improvement ensures our engineers remain consistent with ever-increasing techniques and technology, in-turn ensuring every vehicle manufactured in our factory is done to the highest achievable standard.

We are proud to manufacture in the United Kingdom, which has an incredible legacy in engineering and manufacturing. We see this not as a strapline, but as a guarantee that in markets often funded by the tax payer, the labour and engineering which is passionately exerted into the O&H vehicle is by that of UK tax payers, in-turn driving local employment most often against international options in the same field of expertise.


Once a vehicle is built to the highest achievable standard possible, accidents and faults can invariably occur. Our job is to ensure any such accidents and faults are dealt with as a matter of urgency to ensure your mobile assets remain on the run.

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