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A&E Van Body

A&E Van Body

We are proud to manufacture critical, life-saving Ambulances for our world-class paramedics and first responders.

As an increasingly demanding landscape presents the responder with an increase in challenges, we strive to continuously improve ergonomics, manoeuvrability and technology to contribute as much as possible to the effectiveness of the operator.

Our A&E van converted design draws on the latest technological and manufacturing advancements to make the vehicle as light in weight as possible against the requirement of people and equipment in which the vehicle needs to carry whilst maintaining conformity to and beyond BS EN 1789:2007 + A2 2014.

We ensure our lockers provide ease in maintaining cleanliness for the utmost clinical requirements whilst maintaining a high level of robustness to withstand intense work in high-pressure situations.

As varying trusts can demand varying specifications, we maintain the flexibility to engineer and cater towards a design which draws wholehearted approval from the users.

Flexible Layout

The rear interior is designed to be durable, easy to maintain and hygienic, whilst the floor is overlaid with a non-slip vinyl, providing a safe, sterile working environment.

The flexible layout makes clever use of all the space to ensure essential equipment fits into the design, is safe and secure when in transit and is easily accessible when required.

Bespoke Design

We understand that an Ambulance is a working environment and often bespoke to the needs of your staff.

We will happily engage with key personnel, gaining feedback to best design the right solution for your needs, and that of your patients.

Innovative Solutions

Safety, hygiene, accessibility, weight and comfort are all elements in which our design team can help identify areas of enhancement and present innovative solutions to your challenges.

Base Vehicle

We are proud to offer fully accredited van body ambulance conversions on most global leading OEM vehicles including but not limited to Fiat, Peugeot, Ford, VW, Mercedes and MAN.

Take A Closer Look


Our state of the art Ambulance conversions are designed to be adaptable to the demanding requirements of the Emergency Services.

Full saloon installation

Wipe clean interior

Rear access ramp

Climate control and ventilation

Rear camera

Choice of overhead storage layout

LED interior lights

Tinted glass

Fire safety equipment

Exterior livery

Non-slip vinyl flooring

Bespoke design to suit your needs

30 Years Of Innovation

Interested In the A&E Van Body?

Feel free to contact us for further information on any of our vehicle or equipment range by completing the form below.