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The F300 is manufactured by one of the world’s most prestigious helmet manufacturers – Schuberth – and is available exclusively for the UK and Irish Ambulance market from O&H.

At only 900 grams, the F300 serves as the perfect option for paramedics and ambulance technicians operating in hazardous situations requiring EN443:2008 approved levels of protection. Perfectly balanced, without restrictions on sound or vision, the Schuberth F300 ensures the front line medic is not hindered in any way whilst critically maintaining the ultimate level of protection of the wearer.


EN443:2008 Compliance

The coveted Schuberth F300 serves as the perfect option for paramedics operating on the front line.

With EN443:2008 compliance and a wholly ergonomic and lightweight construction, the F300 – exclusively from O&H – serves as the perfect choice for the UK’s world-class paramedics and ambulance operatives, too.

Safety In Mind

Many years of experience from this elite class of motor sports and its requirements to safety, shaped Schuberth’s philosophy and contribution to the development of every single one of their high-performance firefighter helmets.

Schuberth’s commitment is not only the fulfillment of the normal specifications but their overfulfillment. Their engineers are constantly researching new materials and solutions in order to live up to our guiding principle – to develop helmets of tomorrow for the toughest conditions.

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