Emergency Services Show 2019 shines a light on O&H 2.0

September 2019

O&H 2.0 was showcased at the latest Emergency Services Show, signalling the company’s place as the UK’s number one ambulance builder, alongside highlighting refocussed ambitions to improve innovation and quality.

O&H returns to top spot as UK's number one ambulance builder at ESS

The UK marketplace has been dominated by imported ambulances in recent years. But ‘Project O&H 2.0’ is set to revitalise that, shining a light on the benefits of a fundamental increase in self-sufficiency and true manufacturing. The ESS 2019 provided a fantastic platform for the team to highlight exactly why there is such excitement around O&H Vehicle Technology returning to the forefront of UK market share.

Becoming the UK’s number one ambulance builder

Talking of the show, O&H’s Managing Director, Oliver North, said: “After exhibiting at ESS for over 10 years, this one has been undoubtedly the most special.

“After ten years of working in the emergency vehicle market it is fair to say times have changed. UK manufacturing is in a good place right now, and with our market in particular, I feel we have an obligation to utilise UK production over imported options. The benefit to the taxpayer is too great to ignore. But, to be selected as the builder of choice from our world-class NHS, we must prove to be the best which we believe we are, without question. We have the capacity to manufacture sheer quality, at scale.”

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