O&H’s 2.0 era enters full swing for G4S’ HDUs

July 2019

The latest build of HDU vehicles has recently completed the production process at O&H Vehicle Technology, with the new spirit of the company, O&H 2.0, now in full swing.

Fifteen high dependency units (HDUs) for G4S have been built to the highest standard possible under O&H’s new strategy – a strategy which ensures all quality, innovation and continual improvement remains in-house as opposed to purely outsourced and assembled. The HDU build has been the first in over a decade where all lockers, looms and componentry have been produced in-house, to ensure O&H’s new minimum standard of quality and consistency are achieved.

15 high dependency units (HDU) have been built by G4S

O&H’s Managing Director, Oliver North, commented: “For over thirty years, O&H has evolved into one of the UK’s most credible and consistently high-performing vehicle builders. In recent years, previous management strategies may have forgotten just how good the team is here and have consequently chosen to outsource in areas in which we have specialised, for over three decades. Some of our vehicle builders have served over thirty years at the company and all of our staff hold truly exceptional skillsets, so I want to enthuse them and challenge ourselves to be the best we can be.

“And in a slowly diminishing UK manufacturing sector, we’re also striving to be better than our international competition. We want to do more than just ‘our bit’ in creating a healthier and more sustainable economy. With O&H building for our beloved NHS Trusts, we can nourish the system with invaluable taxpayer’s money, thus forming a self-sustaining economy. Re-establishing our self-sufficiency and capability encapsulates all of what we’re trying to achieve.

“We’re looking forward to continuation of our new philosophy as we strive toward a brighter future which will also benefit clients.”

15 high dependency units (HDU) have been built by G4S


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